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When you choose us for your natural health care, we'll do everything we can to help you express your optimal wellness every step of the way.

At Be Chiropractic, we are committed to supporting your whole family. We are a family wellness center that specializes in offering personalized, gentle care for adults and children of all ages. Our Washington Park chiropractor is passionate about enhancing the health of and empowering local families.

Personalized, Individualized Care

One of the most unique aspects of care at Be Chiropractic is that we tailor our approach to each person and each family. We spend quality time during our appointments and create meaningful connections with everyone who walks through our doors.

Dr. Micaela adjusting baby

Highlighting Pregnancy and Pediatrics

Armed with advanced training for prenatal, pregnant, and postnatal people, Dr. Micaela and Dr. Casey specialize in supporting this important population. They are passionate about providing natural, holistic care to growing families. Dr. Micaela and Dr. Casey are certified in pediatrics care and can continue to treat your kiddos through their adulthood! While all three of our doctors have specialized training in pediatrics and contribute to our lively office atmosphere, Dr. Micaela’s husband, Dr. Brack Burris, adds a whole new level of fun to kids’ treatments — mostly because he is a kid at heart!

Be Chiropractic offers a unique framework for caring for people from all backgrounds. We believe that the therapeutic relationship between the provider and patient combined with proper spinal adjustments lays the foundation for successful, quality care.


Dr. Brack with child patient