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Pediatric Care at Be Chiropractic

When children’s spines and nervous systems are in balance, there is no stopping them! At Be Chiropractic, we love working with children and helping give them the right start to a vibrant life.

The majority of spinal problems that adults face actually begin during childhood. As children grow, learn to walk, play sports, fall off bikes and generally understand how their bodies work, they might begin to experience spinal disturbances that can increase over time. So much physical and neurological developments happen during childhood and it is our goal to support children during these important milestones.

“The analogy that I like to use is that you don’t ever want to build a home on uneven foundation,” explains Dr. Micaela. “If you do so, over the years, the house begins to fall apart: there are cracks in the walls, the windows won’t close properly, the floors squeak, etc… The same can be said for our bodies. This is why we are passionate about supporting our pediatric patients: our goal is to establish that strong, healthy foundation so kids can grow up healthy and balanced.”

We specialize in helping children function optimally! Benefits of pediatric care can include:

  • Improvements to Nursing/Latching
  • Improved sleep
  • Easeful digestion
  • Improved focus
  • Fewer headaches
  • Better Sports recovery
  • Fewer ear infections
  • Improved mood/behavior
  • Less bedwetting
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Better immune support

Support for the child athlete

Chiropractic care for children is extremely gentle and there is never any force. Kids feel very comfortable and at ease in our office and usually walk out feeling calmer and are excited to spend time at our fun fish tank. During pediatric appointments, we can often be found on the floor, speaking directly at eye level to the child.

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